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Rocket Tattoo Pen / Tattoo Machine Set


The Tattoo Rocket pen is everything you’ve been wanting and more.

Lining, shading, long run times that’ll allow you to take your skills to the next level. There’s also no wires… Unless that’s what you prefer. The pen can easily be hooked to an outside power supply with an RCA jack. Taking your weight down even further. Control, ease of use, and outstanding performance are what we stand behind. We guarantee you’ll love this machine, and who knows maybe you’ll end up buying one for the whole shop. Here’s to your creativity, and taking your skills to the next level!

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” Not exaggerating when I say this is the absolute best machine on the market I’ve ever used. “

-John L. , Tattoo Rocket / Neatcell Customer

Create an Artistic Vision

This tattoo pen machine makes it easy and convenient to create a beautiful tattoo, mainly due to the fact that it feels and acts like a real pen in your hand. Any experienced artist will know that the tool you use in executing your artistic vision is merely an extension of your hand. If you can’t get a feel for your equipment while you’re working, you simply can’t make straight and bold lines or perform appropriate shading techniques.

This machine does the job right and it feels incredibly natural in your hand. It is now easier than ever to get the design you drew on paper to come to life on your client’s skin.

Tattoo Machine Demonstration

Wireless is the New Trend

What do tattoo artists prefer to use nowadays? Simple. They like to use a tattoo machine which is lightweight in design and prioritizes comfortability and flexibility. The Tattoo Rocket Tattoo Pen has it all (and more!) can work with wires as well.

They are highly accurate machines which offer unique features such as a low vibration, minimal noise, a cordless motor design and, best of all, it can last for long tattoo sessions without overheating. This fine machine performs well consistently, especially when executing straight lines. Bigger, bulkier machines will not give you the same results.

How Does It Work?

Charge Battery for the Tattoo Machine

Insert Needle Cartridge to the Tattoo Machine

Tattoos from our Tattoo Machine!

View Rocket Tattoo Pen Supplies (Click Here)

What’s Inside

Stroke: 3.5mm

Voltage: 6-11

Motor Speed: 8V 9000rpm

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Weight: 152 g / 0.33 lbs

Length: 147.5 mm / 5.78 in

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When you first receive your pen chances are the battery will be completely dead, and will need to be fully charged before the pen functions.

The Tattoo Rocket pen has a direct drive motor. If the needle cartridge isn’t touching the trigger the machine won’t start. You need to shorten your needle all the way down, and then turn the battery on.

Yes. Each order including a pen will come with one free pack of 1203RL needles.

On average a full charge will give you 4 – 6 hours of solid work. If you run the pen at 6v the entire session you’ll get a solid 6 hours of work in. Anything higher and you’re looking at closer to 4 – 5 hours of work. We recommend purchasing additional power supplies if your planning on tattooing longer than 4 hours ideally.

Yes! All you’ll need is the power supply, and RCA jack and a pedal

You won’t be able to autoclave the entire pen since the motor resides inside. We recommend using cord sleeves to cover the pen, and then wrapping it at the bass to keep it sealed. The pen can be disassembled, and the parts of the pen touching the cartridge can be autoclaved.

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